Fleet Feet Founders Club

A select group of nearly 100 participants makes up the Fleet Feet Founders Club. The club comprises only those participants who have completed the Madison Mini every year since 2008. Inspired by the collective dedication of these athletes, Fleet Feet Madison and Sun Prairie stores decided in 2016 to award these members with a custom medal rack on which they could hang their Madison Mini medals earned over the years. In addition to well-deserved bragging rights, the Fleet Feet Founders Club members who continue to compete in the Madison Mini-Marathon will continue to be gifted with a special premium item every year.

A special thank you and congratulations to all of the Madison Mini-Marathon Founders Club Members, 13 years strong!

Jan Beyer
Lisa Brown
Brett Buratti
Natalie Buratti
Jeffrey Capaul
John Cherf
Stephen Chidester
Ben Collins
Christina Davey
Chris Deruyter
Bill Dickmeyer
Josh Dietsche
Alexandra Erdmann
Laurie Fischer

Matt Fortney
Sue Gitzlaff
Mark Guyer
Susan Guyer
Jeff Hackel
Edie Hauch
William Hemp
Geoffrey Hoffman
Trish Howen
Jason Jensen
Shane Kaatz
Heisley Lewison
Anthony McCumber
Zach Meyers
Kristy Moilien
Katie Morrow

Gordon Myers
Cherie Napp
Luke Natvig
Ray Nigon
Bharat Raman
Cj Raymond
Amy Recob
Lynn Reinders
Amy Ruehlow
Chris Sawyer
Anne Schneiberg
Molly Smith

James Stadler
Carol Stemrich
Jeffrey Storch
Tiffany Storch
Kevin Stutt
Scott Topel
Pamela Tydrich
Charles Urness
Carol Van Handel
Ramona Villarreal
Robert Weinberg
Therese Weinberg
Julia Weinberger
Deanna Willems